The Girl's weekend that helped save my marriage

    As some of you may know, I went on a girl's weekend last weekend.  Yes, we left on Father's Day weekend!  But, that's one of the advantages of being married to a skydiver/BASE Jumper.  They are really not all that conventional.  And believe me, the weekend ended up benefiting him.
    You see, the week before I left, I was burned out, stressed out and on my way to becoming discouraged, distressed and probably eventually depressed.  I needed the weekend.  And my husband has been becoming more and more restless lately.  That's the sometimes (for me) not so nice flip-side of being married to a skydiver/BASE jumper.  They have a need for adventure, excitement and freedom that seems to be stronger than most people's.  And if it's been a while since they've had any excitement or freedom, they get a little tweaky.  
    With both of us coming up on burnout at the same time we weren't exactly relating well with (to?) each other.  I felt like he was picking on me all the time about every little thing.  And that of course made me not want to even be anywhere near him.  On the Thursday night before my friend and I left, I actually went to my room and just cried.  I was unhappy.  And I didn't want to live an unhappy life in an unhappy home.  I sat in my room crying, pleading with God to help me.  
    That help came in the form of a book and a little attitude adjustment.  The weekend before my girl's weekend, my husband, the kids and I had gone garage sale shopping.  During our shopping, I picked up a book called, "The Power of a Praying Wife".  I already had "The Power of a Praying Woman", although truthfully, I haven't looked at it in forever!  But, that Thursday night while I was crying, I was searching my shelves for any kind of inspiration.  I'm a bookaholic and have bought lots of books that have inspirational quotes and prayers and books about Christian living, etc.  I ended up with the "praying wife" book.  
    I started reading it that night and took it with us on our trip.  The book does a really good job of making you realize that if you want change, you have to be willing to submit yourself to God and ask him to change your heart.  So, I am setting out to change my heart.  I'm not good at being submissive and putting other's needs before my own.  Or, at least I feel like I'm not.  
    The weekend was a great weekend.  My friend and I stayed at a cute little place called "The Inn and Spa at Cedar Falls" in the Hocking Hills region of Southern Ohio.  It is absolutely gorgeous.  If you've ever wondered what kind of gorgeous world God has created, you can see it there.  It was raining while we were hiking, but it actually made it even more beautiful!   The Hocking Hills are actually the foothills of the Appalachian mountains.  There are hills, gorges, waterfalls, tall trees in the forest.  As I said, it is absolutely gorgeous!  It's actually where my husband and I spent our one year anniversary.  So, it's only appropriate that it should be where I decided to come home and make my husband and my family a priority again.  
     I will talk more about the fun stuff and hopefully post some pictures about our girl's weekend in another post.  But, I thought it was important to let you know that I have made a new commitment to my husband and ultimately to my own happiness.  I'll also make another post about all of the cute little things I picked up down there!  I got one little inspirational book that had a lot of great quotes.  Here's one of my favorites.

"Happiness is a by product of an effort to make someone else happy."--Gretta Brooker Palmer

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