Hocking Hills, Ohio

Our girl's weekend last weekend was in the beautiful Hocking Hills, Ohio area.  I do not have access to the pictures yet.  I left the camera with Mike and the kids since he was at a mini-reunion with his family.  So, my friend had her camera, but I don't have the pictures yet.  You'll just have to check out the website!  ; )
Hocking Hills was the perfect setting for the refreshment and attitude adjustment that I needed.  It seems to be a very spiritual, God-loving area.  I don't know if it's because the area is so beautiful that's it just impossible  NOT to believe that there's a God.  But, hope, beauty and spirit just seem to permeate the area.  

Or, it might just be that we were in that frame of mind.  But, every gift shop we went into, we noticed that a lot of the gifts were very spiritual.  The gift shop at the Inn in which we stayed had these cute black painted wooden wall hangings with wonderful sayings.  I got one of the small ones.  
 Since I'm unable to show you our pictures of the area, I'll show you some of the goodies I got. 
I got a couple things when we were at the washboard music festival
We stopped by the festival on Friday night and ended up going back on Saturday night.  It was actually a great festival because there was no charge to get in and the food was really cheap.  We walked past a vendor that was cooking pulled pork and it smelled delicious.  So, we ended up buying sandwiches.  Yummy!!  They had live music on three different stages for the whole three days of the festival.  We watched a band called Rant, Maggie, Rant from Canada that we really enjoyed.
  They played all kinds of instruments including the fiddle, the washboard (!), bagpipes, and a bunch of other instruments that we had a hard time identifying.  We loved them!  And we were excited that we actually got to see them twice that weekend. 

They actually had several craft, artisan and amish vendors at the fair also.  I got a beautiful stone necklace,
popcorn from Walnut Creek (where my grandpa was born) and some wooden ornaments.   There were a lot of really cute things.  

On our way out of town on Sunday we stopped at the Hocking Hills Flea Market.  It was huge and had a lot of cute things.  I was trying not to spend money though.  I did get a turquoise cross for $5 (in the picture of the black wooden wall hanging above), some extra little goodies for the kids and a little pitcher($4) so ugly it was cute! At any rate, it made me smile.
If you're in Ohio and you haven't been to Hocking Hills, you definitely need to go.  And if you're anywhere near the area, definitely stop.  It has some of the most beautiful hiking you'll ever do.  I will share the pictures once I get them!

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