Life with an Adventurer

In my last post, I talked about how my husband is "unconventional" because he's a skydiver/BASE jumper.  Or, maybe he's a skydiver/BASE jumper because he's unconventional.  But, really, those aren't his only adventures!
He is also into SCUBA diving, although he doesn't regularly get a chance to do that.  He owns a dirtbike and a motorcycle.  He doesn't get to do those things as often as he likes either.  He has tried surfing in California and he has even tried to surf Lake Erie when it's been a little windy or stormy.  He's tried snowboarding.  He even owns a snowboard and a surf board.  And this is actually how my husband and I are alike.  When we decide we're going to do something, we go all in.  We buy books, we buy equipment (all secondhand, of course)  And then we fizzle out.  So, we end up with the stuff and maybe the desire to still do it.  But, we obviously don't have all the time in the world to be able to do everything that we want to do.

Athough, I would love to someday be as adventurous as he is, I just don't think it's going to happen.  But the one adventurous thing that he does that I would like to try is SCUBA diving.  I would love to learn how to SCUBA dive and check out underwater shipwrecks.  That would be awesome!!  But, until I work up the courage, my husband is just going to have to take an underwater camera with him and take pictures of the shipwrecks for me.  I will have to live vicariously.  Then, maybe one day, I will abandon all fears and anxieties and do it myself!  The fun thing about living with my husband is that he is
helping me to become braver step by step.  And who knows?  Maybe I'll even get on the back of his motorcycle one day too!

Do you live with an adventurer?  Or are YOU the adventurer?  Which adventures are you going to try next?

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