My To-do List in Pictures

Well, I've decided to show you my to-do list.  In pictures.  I know there aren't many pictures of me out there any more, because I just don't look good in pictures any more, y'all!  With that being said, this is a bad picture of me because I'm showing you one thing that needs to be on my to-do list soon.  For my sanity.  I have to get rid of these gray roots!!  And apparently clean that mirror.  
This is my stack of magazines that I will probably never get through.
But wait!  There's more!
And then of course the mail that I need to go through.  Again.  And yes, it's in a laundry basket. Never mind whatever clothes those are lying on top there.  Oh wait!  That's a re-purpose project!
Those would be the coupons that have probably been expired for 3 months!
And then of course there are any number of craft projects that might be going on.
This is my sewing chair.  There is fabric under there that I've been trying to make pillows with since March.
Books I need to read.
And of course there are laundry baskets (with actual clothes in them) and dishes in the sink.  But, I won't bore you with any more pictures.  And, now I have to go swing a 4 yr. old and try to get a 7 yr. old to put down the LEGOs and go play in the sprinkler!! 

What's on your to-do list?

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