Outdoor Treasure Hunt!!

On Sunday, my husband wanted to keep my kids busy for a little while, so he created a Treasure Hunt for them.  He drew up a map of the property and had 9 places that he hid "treasure".  We filled little bags with candy and coins.  Then my husband taped them all over the yard.  He had the bags numbered so that they could go in order.  But, the hiding spots weren't one right after another.  He had them going all over the place! Here's the map.  It was just like a "Bird's Eye View".  He drew the house, driveways, barn, playset, slide, bonfire, trees, etc.  Then he ripped and burned the edges to make it look old.  So, whatever "features" you have at your house you would draw on the map.  Even if your yard/space is small you might have flower beds, a tree, the driveway, fence, etc. that you could put on your map.  My husband then went around the yard, placed objects and marked them on his map with numbers while I kept the kids busy in the house. Someone asked what "clues" we used.  We didn't actually use clues.  They just had to find the number on the map, read the map to know where to go and then search that area for the numbered bag. If you click the map below, you'll see what I mean.
This is when we first "found" the map.
On the hunt!
Looking for #1
Come on!  #3 is this way!!
The next one was a tricky one!!
(above) Oops!  Jaycee found #8 while Logan was still searching for #5
(below) "Am I close?"
Where's #6?
(above) Another tricky one!  Looking for directions from Daddy
(below) Found it!!

Dividing up the Spoils
At one point during the hunt, Logan said excitedly, "I don't want this to ever end!!!"  I think the Treasure Hunt was a success!

Have you guys ever done a Scavenger Hunt, Treasure Hunt, Geocaching or any other kind of hunt with your kids?

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