Pioneer Festival at Hale Farm and Village

Last weekend we went to the Pioneer Festival at Hale Farm and Village.  Hale Farm and Village is one of the museums that make up the Western Reserve Historical Society.  The Western Reserve Historical society was founded to preserve and present the history of all of the people of Northeast Ohio. According to the Historical Society's website, it is the largest privately supported regional historical society in the nation.  You can learn more about the Western Reserve Historical Society at their website. 

The Hale Farm and Village is a group of buildings from the 1800's that was built by the Jonathan Hale family. It includes a log cabin, a Three-story brick house, a school house, a blacksmith barn, a maple sugar house, a Meeting building, a couple other houses, a glass-making building, a pottery-making kiln and I'm sure several other buildings that I've forgotten!  Period crafts are made on premises with artisans demonstrating weaving, spinning, basket-making, candle-making and blacksmithing.  
Here are the pictures from our excursion!
The frame for a shelter
Carding wool
Churning Butter

Have you ever been to a pioneer festival?

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