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The kids and I had a chance to go strawberry picking with friends yesterday!!  We were going to try to fill 3 buckets.  It cost $7.95 to fill a 4 quart bucket.  So, we used the port-o-potties, picked our buckets and a wagon and we were on our way!  It's quite a long walk back to the U-pick fields.  The boy who works at the farm showed us which rows to pick from and we began.  And then 5 minutes later it started to pour.  Miss Lisa found a tree to stand under and then we saw lightning.  So, we decided standing under a tree might not be the smartest thing to do!  So, we made our run for it.  Logan tried to go down the row to grab the wagon and we yelled "No, Logan, just leave the wagon!".  But, he also left his bucket and didn't hear us when we told him to grab it.  So, Miss Lisa went back to grab the bucket and we ran and ran and ran.  I told you, it was a long walk to the fields from the front.  By the time we got back to the front, we were completely soaked.  At least I didn't wear a white shirt!  And our legs were covered in mud.  We only got one little bucket of strawberries, when we wanted 3.  Oh well!  There were some people who were loaded up with strawberries.  One woman had 2 wagons full of buckets that were filled to the top.  Wonder if she was going to make jam?  Or pies?  Hmmmm. . .  Anyway!  Here are the pics.  The farm is called Red Wagon Farm in Columbia Station.  If you're local and would like more info on strawberry season, you can click HERE
Running through the Rain!!!
Wet Kids!!  Mommy was wet too, but you don't get to enjoy those pictures!  What fun things did you guys do?  Link them with us at the "Show me your Town Hop".  Every Saturday!

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