Homemade Ice Cream in a Bag

I had a chance to look at a couple of my magazines last week while I was on vacation.  In my Parenting School Years July Issue, I came across a little blurb about making ice cream in baggies.  I filed it in my memory and continued my vacation.
  It was a rainy day today and after our "Sink or Float Experiments" I still wanted to do something else.  I remembered that I still had cream in the refrigerator that I was planning on making butter with during our "Pioneer Craft Week"
We never did make the butter.  I thought we could do it today.  But, then I remembered about the homemade Ice Cream in a Bag.  Hmmmmm.  .  . should we make the butter or ice cream?  Butter?  Ice Cream?  Butter?  Ice Cream?  Okay, the obvious choice would be Ice Cream, of course!! 

These are the ingredients that are used:

Half and Half or Milk.  I only had cream or milk, so I mixed it. . . Half and half.
Course or Rock Salt
Gallon size ziploc bag and quart size ziploc bag for each serving
Vanilla extract

You can find the instructions at http://www.squidoo.com/ice-cream-in-a-bag

We actually ended up shaking them in the tub.

Even though we used Ziploc brand bags, they were leaking and splashing all over the place.  So, the kids stood in the tub and shook!  It makes a pretty soft ice cream.  The kids were done shaking and impatient for their yummy treat.  It turned out pretty good, but melted pretty quickly.  I think next time we'll try adding Hershey's syrup instead of the Vanilla Extract.  And Mommy will make some too!

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