Oh! That To-Do List again

To-Do lists are never-ending.  And here's the bad thing with mine.  I know the kids will be in school in a little over a month~~at least one of them.  And this will be the first year that I get 3 mornings to myself.  So, I'll have time to clean then.  I know that some people would be willing to just go, go, go all summer and worry about the housework once the kids are gone in the fall. You know, just do the bare minimum. (Believe me, that's all I've done until now)   But, the house is driving me batty.  I keep thinking, "The housework can wait until they're both in school".  But. . . there's that "But" again.  I need to get some things organized.  Today, I spent a lot of time trying to clean the bathroom.  This house is the moldiest house I've ever seen in Ohio.  It's like living in Florida again.  Every now and then I have to stand on a chair and wash the ceiling in the bathroom with bleach-water to kill the mold.  I've taken the shower curtain down and washed it, bleached the walls, the inside of the cabinet under the sink.  Everything I could think of.  But, I still smell the mildew.  I have no idea where it's coming from.  I think I need to wash the shower curtain again with bleach.  I also cleaned the shower head with the old vinegar in the bag trick.  
   Also today, we got most of Future Fashionista's room cleaned up.  She just needs a better organization system.  I've taken half of her stuff away from her in the past several months for discipline reasons.  But, she still has some stuff and it's in dire need of better placement.  
    I got the game trunk in the living room re-organized and got all of the DVDs and videos put away.  
Now, here's my list for tomorrow:

Get more Cherries!
Drop off:  paper recycling, plastic bags, Salvation Army donations.
Paint Future Fashionista's furniture
Mop floors
put together shelving unit
organize mail
Finish putting clean laundry away and start new laundry
frame and hang Family Christmas pics from last year
Hang Curtain rod
Go to store (get green containers for FF's room--maybe help w/organization?)
Get gas--use fuelperks--yahoo

I'll probably get about, eh~~a quarter of it done!  Hey!  At least I have a list.  And I do plan on squeezing in some fun time with the kids.  Which will have to be inside somewhere, since the heat index will be 104 and my kids don't do well in the heat.  Well, FF doesn't do well in the heat.  
In fact, they're both sleeping in the living room tonight on the couches because their rooms are so hot.  We don't have central air.  We only have a window unit in the dining room, so. . . .

We knew this house had issues when we bought it.  But, we were willing to overlook them to be able to do what we wanted to do in the future.  If you would like to read more about our little house's "back story".

Wish me luck on my "To-Do" list.  And don't forget to come back tonight at 10 PM for the "Sit and Relax" weekend hop.  And come back tomorrow (Friday night or Saturday) to link up to the "Show us Your Town Hop"  
Everyone have a wonderful summer day and have fun, no matter what you're doing.  And stay cool!!

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