Our Tuesday--Ups and Downs

Tuesday was one big roller coaster.  I've got to say there were some times when I was not a very nice mommy.  And I apologized to my kids for that.  But, their messes!  Their messes!  I really have been wanting to get out to some fun places.  But, in the past week, I've just felt like a big ol' homebody.  I don't feel like driving.  So, I sit in the house and complain about the kids' messes.  We did finally end up leaving the house to go to a thrift store.  I was trying to find one of those little old fashioned orange juicers because we have some oranges and Future Fashionista keeps talking about "getting the juice out of them".  And I wanted popsicle molds.  Because the ones I have (if I still have them) are up in the attic somewhere.  And this is what happened when I tried to improvise.  

Now, I know why popsicle sticks run the long way!  LOL And I wanted a mirror for FF so that she doesn't have to stand on the counter in the bathroom to watch herself brush her teeth.  

The only thing we found on our list was kind of a popsicle thing.  
Here's the other things NOT on our list that we did find~~For all of which we spent a grand total of $7.97.
A portfolio for my little explorer's maps and a plaque with a ship and thermometer.
A girlie lunchbox and a Barbie photo album for my sometimes girly-girl.
Letter cookie cutters for our Homemade Playdough, spools of ribbon, pipe cleaners and floral wire (always handy)
A little single-serve homemade ice cream maker.  Now, we don't have to try the "Homemade Ice Cream in a Bag" trick anymore.  Although, since this little guy is a single serving, maybe we will still do it in the bag also and have a race to see which one will freeze it faster!  
These 2 little candle holders.  I love scroll-y things.  I'll probably spray paint them gunmetal.  I didn't realize until I was taking the picture though that they don't have the little screw holes to attach them to the wall.
This was our little tray that we'll use for popsicles.  We'll just have to cover it with plastic wrap and stick popsicle sticks through the wrap.  The little wooden board I was going to use for the "nature" tic-tac-toe board from the Better Homes and Gardens link in  the "Easy Indoor Crafts for Kids" post.

My husband has been working out of town since before the kids and I left for Florida.  And he's only been home on the weekends.  So, truthfully, I'm about at the end of my rope with the kids.  We have not had a good day today.  I think maybe we should just leave the house early tomorrow and not come back until evening.  Then, I won't have a chance to see the messes.  I can just enjoy my kids.  Yes, that's what we'll do!~

As for right now.  It's almost 10:00, and I still haven't taken my shower.  I rented "Just Go With It".  Don't have any clue what it's about.  But, I was at Redbox and there was someone in line behind me and I was trying to hurry.  So, hopefully it will be good. 

As for tomorrow~~Tomorrow is another day.  Please say a prayer for me that I will have the wisdom to do (and say) what's right in God's eyes.  Because I'm pretty sure I missed the mark today.

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