Painted Penguin, Rainbow Clouds and Donut Ice Cream

Well, the kids and I did actually end up leaving the house today.  But, I was still a little short with them.  I think I just need a break.  Thank you to everyone who commented yesterday for your support and encouragement!  We ended up going to a ceramic place in the mall called Painted Penguin.  They have about 5 or 6 stores in Ohio, Indiana and Illinois. If you are in one of these states, you can find the locations on the Painted Penguin website.

We tried to go to a ceramic/pottery place when we were home in Florida, but it was a real ceramic place where they charged you $6 just to be able to paint something.  Then you had to buy the piece, which I'm sure was not cheap, and wait a week for it to be finished.  

At Painted Penguin you are able to buy pieces for as low as $4.95.  Usually we buy the pieces that are in the price range of $7.95 - $10.95.  You are allowed to choose 6 colors to paint with.  You paint your piece and then they spray it with a finish and it's ready in about a half hour to 45 minutes.  For kids in my kids' age range, it's much better than a place like the one in Florida.  Since the kids usually like to keep the stuff in their room and they're bound to ruin it anyway (um, yeah. . . see the update, couple paragraphs down),
the price is much better.  And they get to go home with it that day! 

Mommy painted also.  Of course, mine was taking a lot longer than theirs!  I was trying to take my time so that it looked half way decent!  Here's what I ended up with after the "glitter" finish.  I think it turned out pretty cool!

Here are the kids' pieces.  The Builder said his Spiderman is half-robot Spiderman, so the robot half is silver.  Future Fashionista just kept painting until the whole thing turned gray and then she added more color on.  

The race car and the pink Belle were from the last time The Builder and I went on a Mommy-son date.  But, the kids wanted them in the picture.  

After we picked up our pieces, we were leaving the mall and The Builder said, "Look!!!"  And there was this cool rainbow cloud in the sky.  It was as if God was telling me, "It's going to be okay, Quirky".  You guys will make it through this!  

We tried to get a couple pictures of the clouds.  Then, we grabbed lunch and hit a park.  On the way home we went to a cute little Ice Cream and Coffee place called Z's Cream and Bean.  They have a couple really fun, different ice cream flavors.  Future Fashionista got something called "Little Chocolate Donut" ice cream.  I got Dark Chocolate and The Builder got Golden Cookie dough (or something like that!).  The first time I ever came to this place, they were so friendly.  And they have great coffee.  One time, FF and I went in because we had some time to waste before one of her gymnastics classes.  They made her the perfect hot chocolate.  They were able to make it the exact temperature for her to drink so that she wouldn't burn herself.  They are just very customer oriented.  

See that Donut in there?  Yummy!  

Once we got home, the kids took showers and we got ready for movie night.  We rented Rango.  The kids had seen it before, but I hadn't.  It was very, very cute!  And of course, I got another movie for myself.  I think it's called The Switch.  It's another Jennifer Aniston movie.  Hope it's as cute as the one last night!
July 29th update~~Remember in the first paragraph, how I was talking about the kids wanting the painted ceramic piece in their room and that they might ruin it?  Well. . . . . . .

Poor Arielle!  We're gonna try to super-glue her back together.  Good thing she was only $7.95. *Smiles*

Everyone have a wonderful Thursday!  What have you guys been doing to "get out of the house" this summer?

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