Summertime Science--Cicadas

I am not a lover of creepy-crawly things.  So, imagine my reaction when I was sitting on my porch looking at my TIME magazine and this was in my face!  Eeeeek!!  Those would be Cicada shells/skins.
If you saw my Thankful Thursday post last Thursday, you know I said that I was thankful for Cicadas.  I love that they "sound" like summer.  Love to hear them, not necessarily see them.  
But, my kids love bugs.  And yes, I said kids.  Both, The Builder and Future Fashionista~~Boy and Girl, love bugs.  Finding the first Cicada shell started a whole Cicada hunt.  They found one more, looked a little longer, gave up, and decided to do something more productive--swing on the swings.

If your kids love bugs, too, here is some info on Cicadas.
 The Cicadas that are here in Ohio are called Tibicen.  Wikipedia said their lifespans can be 13-17 years.  It said that they live underground anywhere from 1 foot below to 8 1/2 feet below ground.  They get their nourishment from tree root juice/sap.  After living underground for a couple years, they come above ground and molt from their shell.  The males are the ones that you hear in the afternoon/evenings when they start "singing" their love song.  For more info, see the website link above.
Here's a video of a Cicada molting.  If bugs make you squeamish, do NOT watch this time-lapse video.

Are your kids bug-lovers?

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