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If you've been around lately, you know that I left for "vacation" with my kids on Tuesday.  I was a little stressed out before I left because my husband got called to work out of town.  And that meant that I was going to have to get everything ready for myself and the kids by myself.  And I like to have the house cleaned before I leave.  And I was teaching Sunday school on Saturday night and had a party to go to on Sunday.  Well, I made it through all of that. 

We went to Future Fashionista's gymnastics class on Tuesday morning.  Then we went home to finish up the cleaning and packing.  And around 2:30, we left for the airport.  I have never driven myself and parked the van, etc. before, so I wanted to be there early.  The shuttle guy followed me through the parking lot until I parked.  He got my suitcase for me and took me to the terminal.  Easy peasy.  We checked in. 
Unfortunately, even though I PAID to have our seats together, they were not "together" when we checked in and they said they would fix it at the gate. 
I made it through security with the kids fine.  Things were going great. 

We got to the gate and they said the flight had been moved to another gate.  We went to that gate, flight wasn't there.  I went back and forth between the gates to figure out how to make sure my 4 year old and 7 year old would be sitting in the seats with me!  Eventually, looooooong after I would have liked, we got our seats back together.

I thought it was good that we were traveling out of a smaller airport.  I thought it would be easier with the kids.  But, small airports have their drawbacks~~only one place to eat.  We weren't planning on eating anyway, so it wasn't a big deal.  The kids started to get a little restless.  They were anxious to get on the plane and get to Florida!!  Future Fashionista started to not listen.  I gave them twizzlers because they finally drove me "crazy enough" to give them to them.  When Future Fashionista got to the end of hers she decided to try to roll it into a little ball.  In the process of rolling, it fell out of her hands and onto the floor.  I asked her to pick it up and put it in the garbage.  DO NOT EAT IT OFF THE FLOOR!!  Guess what she did?  I think you all know.  She ate it off the floor.  Bad mother that I am, I actually told her that "I hope you get sick". 

We were sitting waiting, while the kids asked me every 2 minutes whether it was time to get on the plane yet.  "Not yet".  We have about an hour.  I looked up and our flight was delayed 2 hours.  So, now I have 3 more hours of this!  We decide to walk around a little and get dinner.  But, remember there's only one place to get dinner--Arby's.  And you can believe that they don't have their dollar menu in the airport.  The kids are already beside themselves from "waiting" so long already.  We order our food.  Of course, we had to wait for our food because what we ordered wasn't ready.  We sit down.  I say sit loosely, because The Builder can't seem to "sit' anywhere.  He's always perched somehow on his chair in a way that his bottom isn't quite on the chair.  He has fallen off more chairs than anyone I've ever met.  He has even lost a tooth this way before.  I'm constantly telling him to sit on his bottom in the middle of the chair.  Because even if he sits on his bottom, he's hanging half off the chair.  Anyway!  I guess after all of that, you know what happened.  The Builder fell off the chair, his sandwich went flying and hit the ground and he was sad because he didn't have anything to eat.  It already cost me $21 for what we had, so I wasn't buying anything else.  Of course, again, being the bad mother that I am, I laughed at him.  Sorry, you fell on the floor!  I'm not supposed to laugh?

So, the next 3 hours was spent trying to keep them happy and not asking me every 2 minutes when we were leaving.  We finally got on the plane and I asked if they had wine.  Thankfully, they did.  I got a little glass of chardonnay, but it did nothing to help with my "flying by myself with kids- induced" headache.  But, the airline doesn't take cash for drinks.  So, the flight attendant told me that she'd come back with the credit card machine.  When the flight was over, she still hadn't come back with the machine.  It was now 10:45, when we were supposed to land at 8:17.  It had been a long day.  I asked the male flight attendant if I could pay for my wine and he said, "Don't worry about it, you're flying alone with kids".   So, I got my wine for "free". 

Wednesday, we were up fairly early to meet my cousins in Daytona.  We didn't end up getting back to the house until after 10 PM that day too.  Yesterday, thankfully, we were able to just hang out at my stepmom's house.  The kids got to play in the pool for a little bit.  And they got to play with their cousins all day long.  Future Fashionista got really tired around 4:00 and I tried to get her to rest.  She screamed for about 45 minutes while I tried to get her to just "calm down and rest".  She did eventually fall asleep and she slept until 8:00, when we woke her up for dinner time. 

Tonight we're going for a picnic and fireworks down by one of the lakes.  Now, the kids are playing with their cousins again.  Tomorrow, the boy cousins will be leaving for St. Augustine and Future Fashionista will be staying with us.  I should get a chance to see my mom tomorrow, so that will be nice.  Then Sunday we leave for St. Augustine and will be there until Tuesday. 

I hope everyone has been having a nice week.  The computer situation around here is not optimal, so it's very hard for me to reply to comments and emails.  Please be patient with me!!  Everyone have a great weekend! 

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