5 Days, 5 Ice Cream Stands

Hello everyone!  I was running errands with my kids on Monday and spontaneously turned into an ice cream place.  In that parking lot I decided that we would try to go to 5 Local Ice Cream places in 5 days.  And this week I tried all kinds of ice cream that I normally wouldn't eat.  I am usually strictly a chocolate girl.  I usually eat either chocolate ice cream or something with some kind of chocolate in it.  So, it really was an adventure for me!

The first day we went to a place called Olympia Candy in Strongsville, OH.  Logan did a field trip at this place during his pre-K year.  They did a tour of the candy factory.  They also have grill-type food (hamburgers, hotdogs) and make their own candy. And they have a store set up inside that sells locally made pastas, sauces, honey, syrup, etc.   This year they are celebrating their 100 year anniversary!

I had the fat-free, sugar-free chocolate swirl here and both kids got Superman (Logan's favorite).  They serve Toft's Ice Cream from Sandusky, Ohio.
If you're local, check out the Olympia candy website.
Day 2 we went to Handel's in Broadview Heights.  The original stand is in Youngstown, Ohio.  Travelchannel.com has recognized Handel's as "One of the Best Ice Cream stands in the Country".   Most of their stores are in Ohio, but they also have a couple stores in Pennsylvania, Indiana, Virginia and California.  And they'll be opening one soon in Bonita Springs, FL.  You can find locations at Handel's website.
I got blueberry cheesecake ice cream here and I think both kids had chocolate oreo.
Day 3 we went to Spudnuts, which apparently has several stores across the country.  The store was originally a doughnut store that sold potato flour doughnuts (just learned that from their website!).  Spud-nut, get it?  They also have frozen custard, which is what we got.  This is where we had peanut butter pretzel for the first time.  We all three got it!  They have stores in Alberta, Canada, California, Colorado, Florida, Idaho, Illinois, Ohio, Oklahoma, Texas, Utah, Virginia and Washington.  You can find the locations at the Spudnuts website.
Day 4 we went to a place called Loder's Shake Shoppe.  It's in North Royalton, Ohio and has been around since 1952.  They serve hard ice cream, softserve, different ice cream treats and grill food.  This is where I had that incredible Key Lime Pie Ice Cream.  It was sooooo yummy.  I think I might have to go back before the season ends and get more!  The kids had peanut butter pretzel again.
Day 5 we went to Honey Hut.   They have been serving Honey Ice Cream since 1974.  They have 5 locations in Northeast Ohio.  Here, I tried the Coconut Ice Cream.  It was yummy also.  The kids both had oreo ice cream.  Ice Cream week was a yummy, yummy success!  
If you are local to Northeast Ohio, you can find locations at the Honey Hut Ice Cream website.

My favorite ice cream all week was definitely the Key Lime Pie Ice Cream from Loder's Shake Shoppe!

How about you?  Do you stick with the same, familiar Ice Cream flavors?  What is your favorite?

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