5 Days of Sand | Kid's Sandpaper art

After our 5 Days | 5 Ice Cream Stands week, I decided that we should keep going with the "5 Days" challenges.  This past week, we have been working with Sand.  It was my intention to visit different places that the kids could play in sand and showcase the places.
The beginning of mine.  Yeah, mommy played too!

And maybe do an art/craft project or two.  We actually ended up doing more arts and crafts and less visiting places.  Here was our most recent sand project.
  I thought that I had heard about people doing some kind of Sandpaper art before.  So, I typed it into my little search engine and it brought up a new-to-me blog!  Yippee!!  

Here is how our sandpaper art turned out.  For instructions, you can visit the blog below the pictures.
Visit Laura at Come Together Kids to learn how to make your own Sandpaper art!

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