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Jaycee and I went on a mushroom hunt while Logan was at school yesterday.  We took a lot of pictures.  I also asked her beforehand how many different types she thought we'd find.  I just threw a random number out.  I said 6.  She said 8.  I think some of them were the same type in different stages.  So, that made it a little bit harder.  We're planning on printing out the pictures and taking them to our Natural History museum.  They have a big display case of the types of mushrooms in Ohio.  We'll compare our pictures to the mushroom display to find out which ones grow in our yard.  According to the Ohio State University, there are more than 2000 types of mushrooms that grow in Ohio.  You can go to their website and it has a lot of interesting information about mushrooms and how they are beneficial to the environment in which they live. It also has a True/False section on poisonous mushrooms and pictures of some of the mushrooms/months that they grow/poisonous vs. nonpoisonous.

If you type "what type of mushrooms live in [your state], I'm sure you'll find all kinds of interesting information about the mushrooms where you live.  
"All mushrooms, whether poisonous or edible can be admired for their beauty and the fantastic variety of form, color and texture."--quote taken from the website above.

Blue and Green were the only colors we didn't find.  We found purple, pink, red, white, brown, yellow.
Here is a great Mushroom Coloring page that I found for your kids to color if you talk about mushrooms.

Enjoy!  What kind of backyard science projects do you do?  Or did you do, if your kids are already grown!

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