Crock-pot cooking Nights 6, 7 & 8

Our crock-pot cooking week is done and I was going to keep going with it, but I forgot my hubby won't be eating dinner with us this week!  So, I've already got my menu planned for when he is.   I thought about trying to find kid-friendly crock-pot recipes, but eh, we'll see!  Here is the rest of this past week's menu.

Friday night was night 6 of Crock-pot cooking week and we had "Big Meatball" Meat Loaf on page 154 from The Italian Slow Cooker by Michele Scicolone.  

I am not associated with the author or cookbook.  If you purchase the book from, I would make a small commission.
This recipe was a huuuuuuge hit!  The kids even asked for more!  I asked my husband which recipe was his favorite of the whole week and he said this one.  I don't list recipes from cookbooks on my blog because of copyright laws or I would give you all of the info!  I will tell you that the recipe called for Pecorino Romano and it was NOT in my budget (I just cannot pay $8 for a small wedge of cheese!).  So, I used Parmesan instead. 
Night 7 we had Copacabana Chicken on page 196 of Sandra Lee's semi-homemade Money Saving Slow Cooking.
This recipe was pretty good also.  It used lime juice, orange juice concentrate and cumin, along with other latin-inspired ingredients.  I substituted some fresh tomatoes that I didn't end up canning instead of the canned tomatoes that it calls for.  If you've seen her show, you know she uses pre-packaged stuff and fresh stuff for her recipes.  That's why it's called semi-homemade.  The kids did eventually eat all of theirs and my husband finished up all of the leftovers today.  I used Chicken thighs instead of chicken leg quarters because that's all I could find on my shopping trip.  I left the skin on and broiled them before putting them in the crock-pot per her "skin on" directions.  I just didn't have time to take the skin off and didn't want to get my hands and kitchen dirty since I was canning tomatoes at the same time!  Next time, I'll definitely take the skin off.  It just got too greasy even though I broiled it before-hand.  I believe that really is my only complaint with this recipe.
Night 8 was tonight and we had Chicken Broccoli Mac 'N Cheese from Sandra Lee's semi-homemade Money Saving Slow Cooking.  I did not like this recipe as well as the other ones we've tried this week.  I just thought it tasted too much like the "processed" ingredients that went into it.  It uses Cream of broccoli soup.  I think I used Broccoli Cheese soup because I couldn't find the cream of broccoli.  And it uses a cheese sauce packet.  I have plenty of these lying around from my Betty Crocker potatoes.  Because of the saltiness of the cheese sauce, we usually use 2 boxes of potatoes and only one seasoning packet.  They're way too salty for us otherwise.  So, I save the packets for other uses.  I don't think I'll be making this again as is.  Even the kids wouldn't touch it! 
If you missed days 1-5, here they are in descending order:
Night 2--French Vegetable Casserole  (My husband's second favorite)

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