Heartfelt Handmade Household Happenings

Yeah, say that 10 times fast!  Just figured I'd do a little update post on some things going on in the Heartfelt Handmade Household.  Hmmm. . . where to begin?  Well, the tree came down this weekend!  My husband was up bright and early Saturday morning.  I walked into the kitchen, grabbed a cup of coffee and looked out the window.  My husband had cut two branches down by that point.  I saw him just look at the tree and shake his head.  We were both so sad that the tree had to go.  But, my husband is really ready to get this addition onto the house.  If you missed the porch demolition video from last week, you can watch it HERE.
 I also canned tomatoes for the first time this weekend!  It was an experience, for sure!  It wasn't that bad.  But, when I went to put the filled jars into the water bath canner, I forgot about water displacement, flooded my stove and "washed" out the pilot light.  Then, I had to lift that heavy canner, full of water off the stove (which according to the directions, you are NEVER supposed to do).  And thankfully, my husband was in the house so that he could re-light the pilot light.  
Check out the stove!  Yeah, that's one of the reasons we'll be glad when the addition is done!
Remember last week's summertime adventure that the kids and I did?  5 days, 5 Ice Cream Stands?
This week we're doing 5 days, 5 places/ways with Sand!!  Tonight was night number one in one of the local park sandboxes.  

Also, tomorrow, the kids and I will be going to an orientation at Logan's new school.  I cannot believe that school starts next Thursday.  I'm going to be so sad.  It will be the first time in 7 1/2 years that Logan will be away from me all day long.  He'll be leaving at 8:10 in the morning and not returning to me until 4:00 in the afternoon.  So, today I decided I really should use the crockpot every single day that he's in school.  Dinner preparation will take precious time away from me in those 4 hours every night that we're able to see him.  With the crockpot, I'll be able to prepare stuff in the morning while he's in school and let the crockpot do the rest of the work.  That way we'll have time to do homework, play and eat together without mommy having to work!  

I felt like getting my haircut today.  I was going to go really short, but just got between 1" and 2" cut off and had some layers put in.  I figured I could go back and get it cut shorter next month if I wanted.

I think that will end my updates for now!  What has been going on in your households?
Oh wait!  I forgot.  I also have to freeze these tonight

and clean my house.  And Logan is complaining of a sore throat.  So, we might be going to the doctor tomorrow. 

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