"Ignore the House" Week

I have declared it "Ignore the House" week.  I hope my husband won't mind!  But, Logan only has 2 weeks and 2 days until school starts again.  I can clean the house once he's in school.  For now, we're going to try to eek out every last bit of summer that we can.  We got a late start today.  So much for our "practicing getting up early for school!"  But, we did have a great day after lunch time.  We went putt-putt golfing (be looking for a post about that), got Ice Cream, went to a Nature Center and on a trail to a Scenic View and then went to a park that was new to us.

So, we got home later than I anticipated.  So, the kids are eating tuna sandwiches now.  And Mike and I will actually try to sneak in a "date" at home, since our Salmon won't actually be done until around 8:00.  I figure the kids can eat now and take their showers.  I thought then that maybe we could set up Jaycee's Tinkerbell tent in her room and they could watch a movie on the little portable DVD player.  The rules are they are NOT allowed to bother mommy and daddy or they have to go to bed!  Which isn't that bad since we're practicing the 8:30 bedtime now anyway!
Did you notice that we got Ice Cream today?  It's the second day in a row.  We're doing "5 Ice Cream stands in 5 days".  You can be looking for those posts soon also.  

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