I'm. NOT. READY!!!

Sorry for shouting!  I just realized that I'm going to have to make a lunch for Logan to take to school on Thursday.  This Thursday!  For the first time in my life.  I've never had to make a lunch for school before.  And I'll be fine.  It's just that the thought of that just made everything seem so real!  I've been getting a few things ready here and there.  I still have to get Ticonderoga pencils for the open house tomorrow night and wash all of his new clothes.  I think I have all of the supplies besides that.  But, I have absolutely no plans for lunch or snacks yet!

You know,  I think I'm stalling.
I just cannot believe Logan is going to be gone from me all. day. long.  And he's going to ride the bus for the first time.  Although he drives me crazy on a daily basis, I miss him already!  I remember his first day of preschool.  I thought I was doing pretty well and then I went into the bank to make a deposit and they asked me where he was.  I just started crying in the middle of the bank.  That's what I feel like again.  He's been in school for 4 years already.  But, it's only been 2 - 3 hours a day.  This is the next big step and I know that God will get me through it, but eeeek!  Not ready.  

Today is the last day that we have absolutely nothing to do but play.  I asked Logan what he wanted to do and he said "go to the park with my friend" and "get ice cream".  I was thinking something big and summery, but if that's what he wants to do, then okay!  So, we'll probably be hanging at the park today and getting ice cream.

We will be going to one of the Apple Orchards to get Ice Cream.  So, I'll have a chance to get some of the early season apples!!  I am so excited.  I'm ready to start some apple projects.  The buildings at the orchards always smell so good.  I'm thinking of doing 5 days | 5 Apple Farms as part of my 5 in 5 series!  What do you think?

Are you guys ready for your kids to go back to school?  Ready for more "me" time?  Or will you miss them?

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