Man! I'm disorganized | I need a schedule!

Hi Everyone!  I hope that everyone had a great weekend.  Prayers for those of you dealing with the clean-up after the hurricane.  

I really, really, really need to try to get this house in order.  It is absolutely crazy!  So, I'm going to be working on that for the rest of the day. And I need to try to create some kind of schedule.  Because, I need to start working out again, and need to be able to keep this house in order on a daily basis, and I'll be having all kinds of outside stuff going on with the kids' schools soon.  Add to that hubby time, individual time with the kids and blogging and my life is chaos!  I'm sure you can understand because I've heard a lot of mommy bloggers asking recently how we all do it (all).  Truth is, there has to be something that you let slide!  So, my question of the day is:

 Which things do you let slide?  And which are your main priorities?

Just to let you guys know, I made it to half of you guys that linked to the Sit and Relax weekend hop.  I'm going to try to get to the rest of you tonight after everyone is in bed!  

And thank you to all of you who commented on my post yesterday.  There were some pretty amazing comments.  And guess what?  You guys must have been praying hard, because Logan ended up going to church with me yesterday.  I believe it was the chance to have "alone time" with mommy that did it.  We went to church together and then stopped and ate lunch together.  My husband and my daughter went out for pancakes.  And it sounds like they had a really great time.  He loves to sneak one of them out on the weekends before the other two of us wake up.  Friday night, he asked me who he should sneak out Saturday morning and I told him Logan.  So, he actually had a chance to go out to breakfast with each of them this weekend!  He's such a good daddy.

My organization projects that I need to do are many.  Too many!  I need to:
  • Go through all of Logan's clothes and put them out so that he can try every single thing on and we can weed out the things he won't wear.  Because I get tired of him putting something on and then immediately taking it off because it is too big/long/baggy/whatever!   It will be a time and sanity saver if I can just put some stuff away or give it away.  
  • Go through our craft/playdough/school paper drawers and re-organize and/or throw things out. Build the little cabinet I'm going to use instead and re-organize all of that stuff and put in new cabinet.
  • Go through the piles of paperwork/mail/magazines/laundry/miscellaneous stuff that just gets tossed in my room.  Fill out the rest of the back to school paperwork and send it into school.
  • Clean Logan's room as a special "gift" to him.  I usually make him do it while I help.  We are really going to have to figure out a better way for him to deal with his Lego's.  Because, they're crazy.  
  • Clean Jaycee's room.  
  • Organize the cabinet where I keep all of the kid's school information and snacks and baking stuff.  I know that's a crazy mish-mash of a cabinet.  But, right now we put stuff where it will fit.  Soon enough, I'll have my big kitchen full of cabinets again and then I can have an organization system that makes sense!
post signatureAnd of course, I won't get them all done today.  Especially if I don't get off this darn computer!  Make sure you come back tomorrow for the Twitter Hop!  And if you regularly post original, family-friendly posts about kids, family, cooking, crafts, homeschooling, etc. I'm still looking for people who are NOT on Triberr yet to join my tribe.  I need 5 more people before I can open it up to people already on Triberr.  Email me if you're interested! 

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