Old House = Lots of dust and stinky smells

Some of you might have read my post about the backstory of our current (and hopefully final) house.  The land and the house had pretty much everything we wanted.  It had over one acre of land.  It was a ranch-style house (my husband's requirement since he doesn't like stairs).  It was in a good school district.  It wasn't close to a train track, the Interstate or in the flight path of the airport--obviously all noise issues (a plane just flew over, while I was typing!--okay, not usually in the flight path).  It was seemingly perfect for our needs.  

But, after we moved in, we noticed some things.
  Let's say the house had some quirks.  The carpet was stinky.  Well, we assumed it was the carpet.  It smelled like something had peed all over the carpet in the whole house.  Luckily, we bought the house with the intention to remodel, which means we'll rip out all of the current carpet and possibly the subfloor.  As a matter of fact, some of you might know that we're working on our addition right now~~yippee!!  In the meantime though, we need to do something about the smell!  There are several carpet cleaning places across the country that you can find online.  My stepmom has her carpets cleaned religiously, every six months and swears by having it done.  Hopefully soon, we'll be able to replace everything and I'm hoping for hardwood floors after that.  I like hardwood for dust and allergy reasons, also.  But, we'll see what we end up with.  The problem with hardwood floors in Ohio in the wintertime is that they get so cold!

Another issue we had after we moved in was mice running through our air ducts.  This really creeps me out!  Luckily we haven't seen them for a while.  But, between the idea of mice pooping in our air ducts and just the fact that the house is so old and dusty, I would really like to get the air ducts cleaned.  I tried to get my husband to do our old house, but he never would.  The funny thing is, my husband works for an environmental company that does air quality tests and remediation in industrial settings, but he would never get our air ducts cleaned!  He said that he would get them cleaned at this house.  But, it still hasn't happened.  Maybe he's waiting until after the remodel?  I have a friend that just used an air duct cleaning company in Austin. And she said it wasn't very expensive.  So, if he doesn't get it done after the remodel is done, I'll be looking into it!  I will call a company myself and just have it done.  Hopefully it will help with everyone's stuffy noses.

Did your house have any quirks or issues when you moved in? 


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