Our Porch Demolition Video

So, I told you guys that my husband has been clearing off the porch and was going to be tearing it down.  And cutting down our huge beautiful oak tree for our addition?  Well, the oak tree is still there as of right now.  But, the porch is gone.  Here is the video.  If you watch the whole thing, you will get to hear me yell at Jaycee because she darted across the yard right before they were doing it.  And I didn't know if things would be flying from it or not!  My husband does this for a living on a much grander scale, so our porch was no big deal.  That would be my husband on the roof using the saw.  He laughed at me because at the end, right before it was about to go down, the kids asked me something and my response was "After you clean your room".  He said, "The porch was about to go down and you were talking about them cleaning their rooms."  Sorry!  I really, really try people!  I told you this morning that it was a huge conflict for me trying to let them be kids and trying to keep the house clean.  Anyway!  Here's the video.  If you want to just skip to the part of the porch falling, it starts at about 1:45 into it.  And that tomato plant I wrote about the other day?  Check my picture below the video.
Poor tomato plant!  It so wanted to survive.  Don't think it can live underneath the addition.

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