Our Sand Art Week | Concrete, Glue and Bottles, Oh My!

Last week was 5 days, 5 ways to play with sand.  I've already showed you our Sandpaper art.   We also used a "Stepping Stones" kit to make concrete art.  And we did layered sand bottles and sand designs on black paper.  We did make it to a sandbox at one of the playgrounds one day, as well.  Here are the pictures from our 5 days of sand!
 Playing in Sand at the Park

Making concrete art
We bought this "Stepping Stones" kit at Walmart for Father's Day, but never got around to using it.  So, it was perfect for our sand week, since concrete is made from sand.  The sand in the mix is really fine.  A caution about these kits:  They dry very, very quickly, so you have to work really fast!  And you really should use the mask and gloves. Wasn't the mold that came with the kit really cute?  Jaycee loved the butterflies and flowers.  Check below to see how we decorated it!
Filling the mold--Check out the weed growing in the driveway!

Layered Sand Art Bottles
We got little one pound bags of colored sand for around $1.60 each at one of our local craft stores.  The bottles were about $1.50 each.  They were made of plastic. The little funnels cost $1.00.  This is a great craft for learning patterns.  My kids however did not stick to a pattern!  They always want to do their "own" thing. And that's fine.  They each got to choose 2 colors and then they shared one color.

Glue and Sand Projects
We ended up gluing some of our colored sand onto Jaycee's concrete project from the day before. We also made glue designs on Black scrapbook paper and sprinkled on colored sand.
This week, I'm thinking of doing 5 days, 5 farm stands/farmer markets.  We went to an apple farm and got apples yesterday.  Wonder if I could come up with 4 more stands/markets?  

Have you ever done any kind of sand crafts before?  What kind?

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