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"Though the world needs reproof and correction, it needs kindness more; though it needs the grasp of the strong hand, it needs, too, the open palm of love and tenderness."--H.W. Beecher 

Boy, I'm feeling this today!  Or rather, I need to post it everywhere I go.  Because, there is one little four year old who is STILL  testing her limits constantly.  I told a friend the other day, that I'm sure Jaycee's stubbornness is going to serve a purpose in her life.  But, I'm not sure at this point she'll live long enough to find out what that purpose is.  Just kidding, of course!  Man, I love that girl.  But, discipline is hard with her.  If you spank her, she laughs at you.
If you take stuff away from her, she gives you more stuff to take away or says "I don't care".  Just about the only thing she really doesn't like is time-outs.  And those last forever.  Because, we start completely over every time she moves.  And I've even had to be absolutely strict down to the way she's sitting (cross-legged, or on an exact spot, etc.).  Some people might think that's being overboard, but she has to learn to follow directions and obey.  She's just so frustrating!!  Today, I was completely angry with her, which is silly.  I know for the most part, she's not doing these things to deliberately make me angry.  She's doing it because of something she wants without any concern about what I'm thinking or feeling.  She's not trying to make me angry, she just wants what she wants when she wants it.  And how she wants it.   But, I get angry none-the-less.  So, today I was going to make her take a nap, and I was going to take every toy away from her and she wasn't going to get any treats, and. . .

Yeah!  That's effective.  Do you think I'm really going to take everything out of her room when I already have so many other things I need to work on today?  I'm really trying to be consistent about following through on my threats.  If I say I'm going to take something away, then I do.  But, everything in her room?  I went a little overboard on that threat.  So, once I breathed a little bit and thought about it, I told her that mommy over-reacted and that we were going to have to think of some kind of punishment for her behavior.  I told her that it makes me sad to have to keep things from her or not let her be a part of something.  And it does.  I just wish she would listen and obey in the first place!!  Little stinker.  And as I said, I'm sure those personality traits will serve a purpose for her at some point in her life.  

I'm beginning to wonder if I might get a little excited when they're both in school.

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