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It is less than 3 weeks until school starts now!  Logan will start 2 weeks from Thursday.  Next week, we'll get to go see the school for the first time, meet his teachers and learn everything we need to know.  Jaycee doesn't start until the second week of September.

Last night, we started putting the kids in bed early.  They went to bed last night at 9:00.  During the school year it will be 8:30.  I got up at 6:00 this morning, which will be my morning time during the school year.  I let Logan sleep in until 8:30 this morning.  We'll be subtracting minutes each day until he can wake at 7:00 for the school year.  He'll be riding the bus for the first time this year and they'll expect us to be out there 10 minutes before the scheduled time (which should be fun once it starts snowing).  And he's a bear to wake on most days.  Today, he did fine at 8:30.  
I read in one of my family/parenting magazines~~unfortunately, I can't remember which one right now~~about having a block party to get kids to wake up early.  Everyone on the block wakes up and meets at one family's house and has breakfast. Then they alternate houses each day for a week.   They all stay in their pajamas and it's a fun way to get kids back in the "Back to School" spirit!  Sounds kind of cool.  But, we don't live in that kind of neighborhood anymore.  

Do you guys do anything special to help kids get back into the routine for Back to School?
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