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Hi everyone!  If you're looking for the "Sit and Relax Weekend hop", you're in the right place!  Just click HERE!!
I just wanted to let you guys know about a great Mom (& dad) blogging group called voiceBoks.com.  This is not a paid post!!  The only compensation I receive is being part of a group of great bloggers who are quickly becoming wonderful friends.  At voiceBoks.com, the members really get to know each other and support each other every step of the way.  The website was started by Lexie Lane, who apparently has a super-human ability to work with very little sleep.  She is constantly available for anything and everything you could possibly need.  Well, anything you need that deals with blogging and voiceBoks.com--don't call her to go get you pickles and ice cream at 4:00 in the morning.

  The website features groups like "Families with a Twist", "Funny Mamas", "Moms of Faith", "Parenting Adult Children", "Step-Parenting", and many more!  The website ( I hate calling it a website--it sounds so impersonal--and it's actually very personal) also has a classified section, forums, and several bloghops that you can join.  And one of the coolest things is that they have special events that focus on different things.  Right now they're having an event called "Blogger Ed" that focuses strictly on the Blogger platform.  So, if you use Blogger, you can go and find out everything you need to know.  

I've made so many friends through voiceBoks.com and I've learned a lot about blogging as well.  Plus, I've gained a lot of TRUE followers.  Won't you join us?  You can visit the site by clicking the button below!
While you're here, join us for the "Sit and Relax" Weekend Hop!

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