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Our Red Maple tree has these little seed pods on it right now that I thought would make cute fairy wings in a craft.  So, that's where I got the inspiration for this craft.

I cut up an egg carton to use as the base.  Then I hot glued leaves to it for the "dress"~~Elmer's glue just wasn't doin' it!  Sometimes, I cut the leaves to get the shape that I wanted.  I tried to use an acorn for the head, but the acorns were too small.  If you could find one that looks like the right size for the egg carton, that would be perfect!  We ended up using an oblong wooden bead that I had.  The "hair" is a little sprig from an evergreen shrub.  After getting the whole fairy together, I decided that the Maple seed pods were smaller than I wanted for wings, so I ended up using more leaves in the shape of wings.  I used floral wire to make little arms, which I threaded through small holes I made in the egg carton.

Here is a list of my supplies:
Egg carton cut into "cups"
Razor(box cutter) to cut egg carton--ONLY adults should do this part, much to Jaycee's dismay.  She's dying to get her hands on one of those razors!
Hot glue gun--ONLY adults should do this part, as well.
Floral wire for arms
 Bead or acorn for head
Leaves for dress and/or wings
Small flower for Fairy to hold
Something for hair--could use yarn, more leaves, pieces of evergreen

Jaycee ended up threading her fingers through the wire underneath and using it as a finger puppet!
She closed her eyes in the picture that we took before this one, so this was her solution.

What kind of "backyard" crafts do you guys do?  I'm sure there will be all kinds of fun stuff once the leaves start changing!

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