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Well, for those of you who have been here before, you're probably familiar with Jaycee.  She is my go-getter, adrenaline junky-to be, dirty, muddy, intelligent, adventurous, frog and worm holding, tree-climbing, dancing, cheering, in-your-face four year old.  
This post is her updates.

Room Update
You might remember her room from my Daddy Built Loft #2 post or as the messy picture in the top of my The Kind of Home We Live in post.

We changed her dresser color and added new drawer pulls.
And I made her a new curtain out of some sheets from Target.  And we took down the polka dot and princess stickers and put up "Forest Friends" stickers.  Also, we found the cabinet at a garage sale for a dollar over the summer.  I was planning on painting it the same color of green as the dresser drawers.  But, for now, I was changing her room around and needed to know where it would fit.  We decided to put the dresser and cabinet  under the loft to create a "hidden" storage space behind  them.  I found a stick-on "chalkboard" sheet that I put on the front of the cabinet for around $2-$4 at a craft store and thought I'd try it on the cabinet.  It was actually the perfect size as-is.  But, it was kind of a pain in the booty to get it on straight without any bubbles.  But, she seems to enjoy it! Now, I just need to find dust-less chalk.
She put the blanket up to make it more like a private fort!  Kids and their forts.

Future Fashionista Quote of the Day
 "Mom, you should just cover the entire house in paper, so we don't get paint everywhere."
 After I told her that she couldn't paint right now because she always takes the mess to the next level.  And after I told her that maybe she would be allowed to paint if she could just keep it on the brush and the paper. . . instead of her arms, the table, her legs, the chair, her feet, the. . . . 

Yeah.  Let's cover the whole house in paper!  My little "live-out-loud" girl!

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