My Happy List | Cheap Candles, Home Addition, "Tents" & More

I haven't been to Dandelion Wishes in a while and decided it was time I made my Happy List again and linked up with Mamarazzi.

I'm happy I found these really great smelling fall candles for only $1 at Rite-Aid.  They smell so good.  And they're cheap!

I'm happy that my husband is making progress on our home addition.
Thankfully the rain has stopped for a couple days so that he can work on it.  Working on the addition = Happy Hubby.
I'm happy that tonight I'll get to see my first FSU football game this season.  I get to teach kid's ministry tonight at Church and then I should be able to be home in time to see the game.  I hope I'm in time to see Osceola plant the spear.  I just got chills watching the videos and trying to find one.  And tears.  I can not wait!

I'm happy that I'm almost at 1,000 GFC followers and I'm over 1,000 Twitter followers!  Every last one of you rock!!  (Now I just need help with Facebook--but truthfully, I have to figure out how to incorporate it into my whole scheme of things)--ideas?

I'm happy that my kids make tents like this.  Check out the sign.  It reminds me of Winnie the Pooh and the Hundred Acre Woods.

I'm happy that the Johnny Appleseed festival is this weekend.  I hope that we get a chance to go!

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