Scripture Sunday | Crazy (good) days--Rejoice!

"This is the day that the LORD has made;
   let us rejoice and be glad in it."--Psalm 118:24 (ESV)

I hope everyone has a wonderful day!  My day yesterday was a little crazy.  But, not in a bad way.
I did a lot of cleaning and organizing yesterday. And I knew that I had to teach children's ministry at the church last night.  So, I always try to get Logan and Jaycee to figure out what they're going to wear beforehand so that there aren't any glitches when it's time to go.

I was nervous about teaching because I've only done it a couple times before and one time it was the Christmas party.  So, that time didn't really count.  And I did it one time over the summer when they needed help.

The kids and I were on time.  Nobody was fighting with me about not going.  We got in the van, we were driving, and then. . . . . Jaycee pulled her loose tooth out.  She was happy and fine with it until she realized she was bleeding.  Then she started to freak out!  Logan and I both told her it was okay and she calmed down.  But, she had this beautiful white flowered dress on.  So, we were very careful that she didn't get blood on it.  We put the tooth in the console of the van so that we would know exactly where it was.

We went to church and children's ministry.  It went very, very well.  We were talking about Moses and the burning bush.  Our church is focusing on the Lord's Prayer right now.  And this week's focus was "Hallowed Be Thy Name".  So, we were talking with the kids about how God called himself "I Am".  And I made it past that "first" children's ministry class fine.

When church was over we had to hurry up and get some snacks and drinks on the way home.  I needed to get home to watch the first 'Nole game that I could see this year.  Since I live in Ohio, and my team is Florida State, we only get to see certain games.  Unless of course we pay for the really expensive college football package on our cable, and that's not going to happen!

I did not realize that the team we were playing was the #1 team.  Good Grief!  It was a pretty good game.  We lost.  But, we held our own for a little while.

My husband had been working on the addition all day, so we hadn't seen him a whole lot.  When the kids and I got home, we got home with 4 minutes to spare before the game started!   Talk about cutting it close.  But, my husband was not home.  I tried to call his cell phone and I heard it ring.  Oh Well!  But, I was anxious for him to be there with me to watch the game.

The kids and I did end up getting to see Osceola plant the spear, which is something I really didn't want to miss.  So, for the most part everything during the day worked out well.  Well, except for the part when the 'Noles lost.

My husband did end up getting home pretty quickly after the game began.  We were all sitting down watching the game and he looked at Jaycee and said, "Where's your tooth?!?!?".  LOL!!  In my nervousness about teaching church and my rush to get home to be able to watch the football game, I had forgotten all about the tooth.

The tooth fairy did come.  It was a green one.

And today, we're hoping to make it the Johnny Appleseed festival.

I hope that no matter what you have going on today, you will rejoice and be glad in it!

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