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until you have to.  My husband has started the process of obtaining windows for our addition.  We went to look at Lowe's Sunday.  Everyone told him that windows were going to be very expensive--around $500 each for good ones.  Luckily, we found out that information was wrong.
I think most of them were between $100 and $160.  And my husband is a carpenter, so he can install them by himself.  We were looking at Pella with the argon low-e glass and "this or that" many chambers ( I have no idea how many!) so that they're better insulated.  Mike is planning on doing thicker walls with the best insulation out there.  So, he figured (and I agree whole-heartedly) that we need to get really good windows too.  I'm tired of a cold, drafty house!  Truthfully, I probably would have paid $500/window to be warm. 

   One issue that we're having is deciding what to do in the Master Bedroom.  I wanted high, long rectangular windows in there so that we can get light and air, but still have privacy.  Plus, I thought they would be pretty cool and give me more wall space with which to work.  I like to rearrange furniture every once in a while and I don't want my furniture to be stuck in one position because of where the windows are.  But, the kind of windows we're looking for are the most expensive.  And Mike didn't like the aesthetic value of the sliding part of the window.  He thought it made it look too broken up.  So, he found a plain (non-opening) long window on Craig's list for one wall.  We're just going to have to have an opening window on only one wall.  And unfortunately, we won't get much of a cross-breeze.  I think.  The master bedroom will be on the back of the house.  And it will be separated from the rest of the house by the master bedroom closet.  The teeny, tiny little planning things of this addition are enough to drive anyone crazy.  Don't they say that building and remodeling causes a lot of divorces?  At this point, though, we're still good!
  And I came to the realization this morning that I'm not going to have much of a view out my kitchen window pretty soon.  I was doing something for breakfast this morning and was looking out the window.  I was thinking about how my view has changed completely in the last few weeks.  I used to see the side of the porch and the big oak tree.   Now, I see the beginning of the addition.  I see the little brick wall that will be the base of the house.  And THEN, I realized that on top of the brick will be the outside walls.  And on top of the outside walls there will be a roof.  And pretty soon, my beautiful view with trees will change into a view of the inside of the addition.  And the addition won't be done until at least another year.  And, now I won't be able to clean the kitchen and watch the kids playing in the back yard at the same time anymore. Unless the whole thing won't be covered in Tyvek.  Would he cover the windows, too? The more I think about it, the more I think he wouldn't. (Yes, I'm talking to myself now!)  Does anyone know?  He gets annoyed when I ask him questions like that!  LOL
    I'm not complaining really.  Really.  I know I'm lucky to be getting more room.  But, yikes!  I'm not sure I'll like looking into a big dark nothing-ness for over a year!  Do you know how much time I spend in that kitchen? 

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