The Fine Art of entertaining -- 4 year old style

The Spread
I love that she stole my outdoor summer dishes and
displayed all of the types of bread!
The guest of honor was baby Crazy Hair.  Yes, we call her Baby Crazy Hair.  I think Daddy started that.  She reminds me of dolls my sister and I used to have when we were little.  The babies would start with such lovely, soft blond hair.  I think we took them in the bath with us or something. . . this part I can't remember.  But, they always ended up with their hair being frizzy and sticking straight up.  I think we got rid of the original ones and got new ones.  And the same thing happened.  Wish I had pictures of those dolls!  
Baby Crazy hair and friend survey the spread to decide what they'd like to eat.  

Jaycee fell asleep on the couch tonight and all of this was still left on her bed.  Daddy carried her in to put her to bed and I heard the stuff being moved.  He came back and said, "That was a pain in the butt.  Her entire stock of kitchen stuff was on the bed.  Do you know how hard it is to hold her in one arm and Quietly get all of that stuff off her bed?"  

Did you have one of those crazy-haired dolls when you were little?  How about the toy kitchen?  I know I used to have one.  My kids love theirs!!

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