The Great Fall Switch-out and Purge

Well, it has been cold here the last couple days.  We actually turned the heat on in the house and I've added one blanket to the bed.  Eventually, I will add the down comforter too, for a total of 3 blankets on the bed.

So, with this cold weather, I've had to take the Fall/Winter clothes down from the closet.  This week, we will be in the middle of the great switch out and purge.  I always try to go through and find things to donate while I'm switching out.  I always feel like it would make my life so much simpler if I had less.
Less clothes = more space, less decisions.  Sometimes I do pretty well.  During the Spring we "found" at least six bags of stuff to donate.  

I think I'll try to go through my summer clothes and try to get rid of 1/3 of it.  And I'm definitely going to try to get rid of at least half of Jaycee's stuff.  That girl makes my life so crazy with her piles of laundry.  She changes clothes at least 5 times a day some days.  The bad thing is that I can understand.  And, truthfully, I think it's wonderfully creative!!  But, I do not like the wastefulness of it!  She can never tell me which clothes are clean or dirty.  So, she just throws them all in the hamper.  At least I only have one girl!  But, I think getting rid of some of her stuff will help with the situation.  Maybe?  And just so that you know. . . the only "new" clothes she ever gets are gifts.  I don't usually buy "new".  I buy the kids' clothes from garage sales and thrift stores.  I just can't see paying retail for something that my kids will ruin.  Especially when there are so many "gently used" things out there!

What do you guys think?  Do you have girls (or boys) who are constantly changing clothes?  How often do you purge your closets?  When you change seasons?

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