Halloween Keepsake | Kid's Hand Print Ghost Canvas

There are tons of hand print crafts floating around out there in blog-land.  We decided to create a permanent keepsake with our hand prints. 

  It has seriously been like paint-a-palooza in my house the last two days.

And their have been some "casualties".  Paint splatters and smears on the walls. 

Paint on the chairs.  Thank goodness we don't care so much because of the addition.  Everything is going to be re-done in the next couple years anyway!!

To make our hand print ghost canvas, we painted a canvas grey.  I wasn't very worried about coverage.  It was fine for me if it wasn't solid grey.  
Then, the next day, I painted Logan and Jaycee's hand with white paint and pressed their hand onto the canvas.  
My kids love the story Three Little Ghosties.  In the book, the ghosts look like they have a glitter trail, so I put clear glitter paint around the ghosts.
Then, I painted a yellow moon and smeared it a little bit with white paint and water.  And I painted the word Boo!! in orange paint.
Then, I drew a tree in the bottom right hand corner with a sharpie marker.  And, I drew a spider web in the bottom left hand corner with the sharpie.

Logan also painted a Jack-O-Lantern yesterday and today he painted himself as a Pirate for Halloween.  He told me the little pink spot on the canvas is Jaycee as a Princess.  : )  Love these kids!

If you like Halloween crafts, I also have two cute ones on Making It | From Page to Table right now.  Click on the pictures below to get instructions!
What kind of Halloween crafts are you working on?

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