I'm expanding! My new blogs

I've decided to expand.  I love this blog and it's random-ness!  It's like my first child.  It will be my main blog still.  But, I feel like there are parts of it that I would like to expand more.  I've started 2 new blogs and have another on the way.

They are still baby, baby blogs.  I'm taking baby steps right now in setting them up.  So, they are still pretty basic without all of the bells and whistles.  But, I'd love if you'd hop over and check them out and follow if you think you'd enjoy them.

The first new baby is called "Makin' It!  From Page to Table". 
Some of you might know how much of a book and magazine freak I am.  I love my printed media.  L.O.V.E. it!  I probably receive about 15 magazines a month now.  Thank goodness quite a few of them will be expiring soon!  And my bookshelves are overloaded.  So, my concept for this new blog is to find fun, interesting crafts and recipes from my wealth of printed media and share them with you!  You can check it out at Makin' It! From Page to Table.  So far, we've done a lot of stuff from Disney's Family Fun magazine.  We've done a Lion King felt pillow craft, made water-whistles from pop bottles and tried a roasted edamame recipe. 

My second new baby is called "Finding my Heartfelt Balance".  I figured at this new blog I could dive deeper into my walk with God.  I will share the things that inspire me, bring me joy, frustrate me.  And you guys will get a chance to see how really, really human I am.  I am not perfect!  Most of you already know that.  Join me as I try to grow closer to God. 

My third new baby is still in the "womb".  It is called "Fit, Fun and Fashionable after Forty".  It is NOT going to be a high-fashion blog.  It is to showcase women over 40 in all of their awesome-ness.  I was a fashion major and miss the fun fashion stuff.  But, I will be talking about practical fashion, not high fashion.  And I intend to seek out, find, and feature women over 40 who are doing amazing things.  So, if you know someone or ARE someone who is over 40 and amazing, let me know that you'd like to be featured!  And let's get this party started!

Thanks!  And I hope everyone has a great week!  I will be accepting guest posts on my Finding my Heartfelt Balance blog and looking for people to feature on my Fit, fun and fashionable after 40 Blog.  Do you guys know anyone?  Let me know!!

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