Life, When Daddy is a Skydiving Carpenter

So, this is what life is like when your Daddy is a skydiving, BASE jumping carpenter.
This came home in Logan's school bag today.  They are practicing writing sentences and spelling their own words, etc.   Humpty Dumpty must have really taken a great fall! 
Maybe if Humpty would have had a parachute during his first fall, he wouldn't have needed all of the king's horses and all of the king's men.

The next picture is of a pulley system that my husband created underneath Logan's loft.
(These aren't great pictures!)  Note the Hero Factory dude hanging from the pulley.  I think you can pull the globe down to make him go up.  I don't know. . . I haven't played with it.  Yet.
 And, check it out!  My hubby made the news in India.  We can't understand a word they're saying, but this was my hubby last weekend.  He's one of the 3 that went off about 46 seconds into the video.  He was the first one to pull in that group, so his parachute is the one opening first on the left. 

If anyone would have told the 17 year old me that I was going to be married to a skydiving carpenter, I would have laughed at them.  But, here I am!  And living in Ohio?  Yeah, right!  

If you're married, are you married to who you thought you'd be married to?

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