That Sneaky Little Food Hider!

You know what?  I can remember when I was little and didn't like something at dinner.  We would try to "hide" it on the plate.  I really didn't like stuffing.  Couldn't stand the stuff.  I will just barely eat it, now.  When we were little, my sister and I would try to spread it out across our plate to try to make it look like there was less.  You know, 'cause if it's not in a big pile, the parents won't be able to tell.  I think we also used to try to hide it under the paper towels in the center of the table and anywhere else we could sneak it.  We didn't have a dog, so that wouldn't work!  

Well, I think Logan has inherited the "hide the food" gene.  Or, it's probably just a kid thing. 
Kids think their parents will never know!  They don't realize we were kids once, too! You know. . . back in the dark ages.

Lately, we've been finding food in weird places.  But, here's the bad part.  Usually, it's food that Logan likes!  A couple weeks ago, I was cleaning out behind the couch, getting ready to vacuum.  I looked down, and there was an apple slice.  Who knows how long it had been there.  Then I looked under the couch and there were 3 more slices.  

What's happening, is, that Logan is not finishing his lunch and snack at school during the day.  And he knows that he's not allowed to have any other snacks until his school food is finished.  The little sneak.  

We've also found half-chewed broccoli in the bathroom garbage can.  That one was during dinner.  Logan jumped up and said, "Oh, I've got to pee".  About a half hour after dinner was over, I found the broccoli in the garbage can.  

I've found the bread crust from a sandwich under the bathroom sink.  I found a mandarin tangerine in the front flower bed.

And today, I heard my husband say, "Who left a half-eaten carrot. . . . ."  I couldn't hear the rest of the sentence.  I just shouted out to him, "Oh, that would be Logan."  Because I knew that he brought carrots home from school that he had not finished.   I was thinking that it was half of one carrot that Logan might have absentmindedly set down somewhere and forgotten about.  Nope!  My husband came out and had four carrots in his hand.  He said, "Do you know where they were?".  Nope.  They were in the window, with the window down.  So basically, between the screen and the actual window.  With the window down.

My husband and I might have actually snickered.  My husband just said, "Well, it was clever."  

I guess you have to be clever to be sneaky!

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