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My daughter is 4 years old.  And she's got a personality that just doesn't quit.  And she just happens to be boy-crazy.  Yes, at four years old!  I keep waiting for both of my kids to go through that "Ewww, cooties!" stage.  But, it hasn't happened yet.  

My daughter has a different crush all of the time.  One time she had a crush on a boy because he opened a juice box for her.  Over the summer, she followed one little boy around until every adult had to tell her to stop.  The poor boy kept trying to get away from her.

I'm lucky that both of my kids want to get married some day.  It's so cute to hear them talk about it.  Truthfully, I just think that my husband and I must be doing something right for them to want to get married some day.  

My daughter has a new crush now.  It's a little boy in her class.  She talks about him all the time!  When we were on her field trip last week, she asked me if I thought he liked her shirt?  If I thought he saw her shirt?  Will he talk to me?  He talked to me, mommy.  He smiled at me mommy.  .  .  .  .  .

My husband was talking to her the other night about him.  He asked her if he (the little boy)  was a piece of candy, what would he be?  She said he'd be a candy cane and that she would eat him!  I was in the bathroom and heard the candy cane part, but didn't hear the other part.  My husband told me later.  Whaaaaaat???  That girl!  My husband just laughed and said she had his personality.  Which has to be true!  

I also heard him asking some more questions about him.  I guess she said she wanted to talk to him, but couldn't.  She said she gets frustrated.  My husband asked her if she meant "nervous".  She said "no".  She got mad at herself because she couldn't talk to him.  As crazy and outgoing as she can be, she actually is quite shy in a classroom setting.  Weird, I know!

Today, Logan stayed home sick, so he was with me when I picked  Jaycee up from school.  Of course, the first words out of her mouth were about the little boy.  So, Logan asked her, "Do you loooooove him?"   "Did you kiiiiiissss him?".  Um, excuse me?  No.  I told her that they weren't allowed to kiss anyone until they were 17!  Then, I probably giggled.  

Then my daughter told me that she didn't kiss him.  And that she wasn't planning on kissing him until she turns five.  

So, there you have it!  The love soap operas of the preschool set.

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