Our Muddy Corn Maze Adventure

Yesterday, we decided to go back to the Apple Farm.  We also went the last week of August, when the season had just begun.  What a difference 6 weeks makes! 
August=Green cornstalks, dry ground and shorts

October=Brown cornstalks, muddy ground, long pants and sleeves
I must tell you that this has been the rainiest year on records.  It is crazy how much it has rained this year.  And, it rained a good part of the last 2 weeks.  Luckily, the sun has been out the last 3 days.  But, it didn't do much to dry up the mud that the previous rains created.

We began our adventure around 5:00 yesterday.
The farm closes at 6:15.  So, I knew we had better be pretty quick with our "fun".  Isn't it crazy to "rush" fun?  The apple trees were pretty well picked out on the kids' level.  I truthfully have no idea what kind of apples we ended up with.  We walked a long way back into the orchard through muddy grass to find some trees with lower apples.  
 Logan spotted this little bird's nest in one of the trees!  I love how kids always have their eyes open to amazing things.  They see so many more things than we do, because we're always so busy rushing!
When we were done with the apple picking, the kids wanted to go through the little corn maze.  This is the one where they have to find the seven dwarfs.  The woman told us that it was pretty muddy in there, so I told the kids to just go by themselves.  I could hear them chattering and trying to find the dwarfs.  And then. . . . .

I heard Jaycee start screaming and crying!  I tried to find a break in the corn "wall" and went flying through the corn to find her.  Corn stalks were slapping me in the face and I was slipping and sliding through the mud.  I found her and she was covered in mud and angry that her paper had mud all over it.  She was almost inconsolable.  I would not expect this reaction from the girl who willingly plays in mud and wears it like war paint!  
 I asked her where her hole puncher was. (They use a hole puncher to mark which dwarfs they've found)  And Logan said, "I'll help find it!".  It was in a huge mud puddle.   I've got to tell you, I do NOT like getting dirty and muddy.  But, I tried to help Jaycee get her paper un-muddy by wiping it on a corn stalk.  I have no idea what we did to the hole puncher.  I think I've blocked it from my memory.  
 I ended up doing the rest of the corn maze with them.  And Jaycee, who wore flip flops yesterday, kept getting sucked down into the mud.  And she could not get her flip flops unstuck without reaching down with her hands and un-sticking them.    We finally made it through the corn maze.  The woman let Jaycee wash her hands in the sink in the back room.  The kids got their treat bag for finding all 7 dwarfs and went on to make their craft. 
 They did not go in the bouncy house this time.  It was really close to closing time and Jaycee's feet were just too muddy.  The owner said that we could go sit her in the sink and rinse her feet off, but we declined.  I knew the owner wanted to close up shop for the day!  She was so sweet the whole time, though.  

And Jaycee was not allowed into the van with those feet!  So, we asked for bags.  
This is what Daddy was doing while we were getting sucked into the mud:
That would be the sunroom addition. We're getting closer to him being able to quit for a while!  Once the roof is on and all the shingles are on, he's supposed to be taking a break.  And believe me, we all need for him to take a break!

Have you guys done any corn mazes yet?  Did you get a chance to visit any orchards if you have them near you?

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