Our trip to the Rainforest at the Zoo

Last weekend, the electrician was here and the electricity had to be off for several hours each day.  On Sunday, before the electricity went off, Logan and I were reading the Magic School Bus book about bats.  And I got an idea!  No, we didn't hop on the Magic school bus and turn ourselves into bats.  But, we did plan on having a "batty" day!  We were planning to go to the Rainforest and see the bats and then go to Michael's to do their bat craft.  Or, so we thought.  I must have gotten my days wrong or either our Michael's just wasn't doing it.  But, we did end up getting that pack of canvases that we've been using the last couple days, so it wasn't a total loss!

The Rainforest at the Cleveland Metroparks zoo has lots of different animals that can live in the rainforest.  We only made it to the first floor on our last trip because Logan didn't feel well.  So, the pictures are just from the first floor.  This floor has the snakes, frogs, bats, piranhas, lizards, a pygmy crocodile, leaf-cutter ants, other icky bugs, porcupines, a gharial (like a crocodile with a long, skinny snout) and some turtles.  The Rainforest is great to go to in the Wintertime because it's 80 degrees inside year-round.  And since we have zoo passes, we can just go for a couple hours if we don't have anything else to do.


Do you visit your zoo often if you have one near?  What is your favorite exhibit? 

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