Spooktacular Kids' Party Table Setting

Some friends and I have decided to link together to bring everyone some fun Halloween ideas.  I decided I was going to do a "Spooktacular" table setting (thanks, Nicole!)

I wanted to try to do it fairly inexpensively.  So, most of the ideas are pretty inexpensive.  I'll give you the breakdown as I go.

I started with a basic plastic orange table cloth that I got for under $2 at a craft store.  And then I made a runner out of wide black crepe paper, which was .59 cents.  I love using this crepe paper for all kinds of things.  It also makes great gift bag stuffers, instead of tissue paper.  It's much cheaper for a larger amount than you get with tissue paper.
After the orange table cloth and black runner, I put a little basket with a small hay bale.  Then I had spiders coming out of the basket onto the runner. The basket was under $2 and I used paint that I already had at home to paint it orange and green. The hay bale was less than $2 as well.  And the spiders were $1.00.  I thought the kids could take those home with them as party favors after the party.
I used foam mats as placemats.  They were .59 cents each.  And they can be used as a craft for the party.  Buy Halloween foamy shapes or stamps and stamp pads and the kids can work on a craft that they can take home.
I got square Black plates to add something a little different than "just plain old round plates".  They were 2/$1.00 and they're plastic so that I can use them again.  I was planning on having a party for 6.  So, at $3 for all six plates that I can use again and again, it was a better deal than paying $3.00 for disposable plates that I'll never use again.
I did get disposable small green plates that can be used for any kind of small dessert after the main meal.  And I got the little orange buckets 4/$1.00.  I thought they were cute and added some extra color.  They were the perfect size for the Orange Playdough Jack-o-lantern party favor.

For the orange playdough, you can use the recipe from my "homemade playdough" post.  I was able to get 6 small jack-o-lantern size balls with playdough left over with just one recipe.  You can use orange flavored Kool-aid to make it orange.  I didn't have orange, so I used cherry and added yellow and red food coloring until I got the color I wanted.  It actually turned out to be the perfect shade of orange!  

Use small cellophane treat bags to put the orange playdough balls in, draw a face with a Sharpie marker and use a green twisty tie and Voila!  Cute Jack-o-lantern playdough party favor!

I made little pumpkin chalkboards that can be used as name plates, if you'd like to assign seats.  And they can also be taken home as a party favor.  The small wooden pumpkins were .35 cents each and I used orange and green paint that I already had.  The chalkboard is the sticky-backed chalkboard paper and is $2.99 a roll.  I'm also planning on cutting bat shapes out of it to decorate the wall and table cloth a bit more.  I haven't done that yet!  I'll post again once I get the bats done.
For the chairs, I used more of the crepe paper.  Each chair used a half of one length of black crepe paper to cover.  Then I used half of an orange crepe paper to tie around it.  Then I used a narrower strip of a green foil wrap, which cost .50 cents for a roll--And I still have a lot left on that roll--it would be great for Christmas decorations in a couple months.  I tied them all together with one of the green twisty ties and a spider ring.
On the front of the chairs, I draped a Halloween napkin over the green foil to add more fun and color.

On one wall, I made a crepe paper spiderweb.  I made it by laying the crepe paper out on the floor and tying it all together.  The good thing about this is it doesn't have to be perfect!  You can have pieces hanging and not tied exactly in the same places.  So, don't worry about getting it perfect!

I did play around a lot with different plate positions (square, angled, etc.).  And different table positions.  So, you might see that in the pictures! 

I hope you are able to  use some of these ideas if you have your own kid-friendly party!
I'll post again once I get the chalkboard bats done!

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