Transforming the loft into a Canopy Bed!

Jaycee has decided that she doesn't like sleeping up in her loft.  She has been sleeping in her rocker/recliner for most of the past month.  So, this week we decided to take the mattress down. And it was no small feat, but I managed to get it done!  I had to throw it off the top bunk and try not to hit the ceiling fan!

She has been asking for a canopy bed, which we obviously couldn't do in the top of the loft.
Since the bedframe is way back in the barn behind or underneath a whole pile of stuff for the addition, we had to put the mattress directly on the floor.  And, since we don't have the bedframe, we are not able to put our bedskirt back on the bed.  So, we came up with a different plan for the bedskirt!  The bedskirt was after all, one of the main influencers in this room.  There's a reason it's the same exact color as the walls.  We had the paint matched to it

I figured since the bedskirt would be the same exact size (more or less) than the loft, it would fit perfectly underneath the loft.  Then there would be a little pink ruffle that would hang from underneath.  And, we could attach it at certain points to the frame of the loft, with flowers and make it more like one of the canopies with drapey fabric.  We will be making flowers out of felt to match her sheets.  Here's a view from underneath.  Excuse the wrinkles. . . I still need to get a steamer, and steam them out!   Imagine it pinned up with flowers.
I used a staple gun to staple the bedskirt inside and underneath.  Then I used the same green polka dot sheets as the window curtain to be side "curtains".  I think it turned out pretty cute!  I still need to get a steamer and get the wrinkles out.  But, I needed to do the stapling while the staple gun was available and when I could get help from my husband.  It turns out I didn't even need his help for the first part.  But, he did put the side curtains up for me, which was a big help.

Since the mattress is not in the top part any more, the gap in the railing was a little bigger than I was comfortable with.  So, I stapled a length of sheet over the middle rail to create a barrier.  Plus, I think it looks pretty cute with the design.  I will probably paint the rest of the woodwork white or green now.  Once I have the woodwork painted and the flowers up underneath the canopy, I will post more pictures!  Oh!  There are so many more fun things I can do with this!!

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