Wordless Wednesday with Linky!

Okay, so not really wordless.  I've only been able to do that once. . . maybe.
I've been fascinated with mushrooms ever since Future Fashionista and I did that Mushroom Hunt.
I think this little group looks like a village.  Looks like some teeny tiny little people should live here!

Here's a not very good picture of the progress on the addition.
It was taken at dusk, so it's kind of blurry.
The part he's building now is going to be the sunroom.  He has to build this part before he can have the shingle guy come put the roof on because it needs to be all blended together.
In case you guys didn't see the pictures of the roof going up (because I think I only posted them to Facebook). . . . . . .
My husband says that after the roof is on, he's taking a break for a while.  This addition, sure hasn't been without it's trials for him.  The entire "floor" of the addition got ruined because of all of the rain.  He had the floor down and couldn't get the roof on quick enough before it rained.  The plywood all became delaminated, which will not work under tile.  So, I guess he was thinking about putting more down on top of it, which will make the ceilings shorter now.  He can't rip it up and start over because it's nailed, glued, and pretty much, just not going anywhere!
Practicing for Halloween???  We're all going as Pirates.  I guess I should get on that job!  It's going to be Halloween before we know it, and I'll be under the gun trying to get all of the costumes done.  .  .  as usual.  (Wink, wink)  I get some of my best work done that way!

My husband tried to get a picture of her jumping off.  He says that I'm a bad photographer!  If you can't tell, that's her in the air.  Mike thinks he's found his new BASE jumping partner.  Because, Logan is like me.  He's not going to be jumping out of or off anything.  Jaycee--oh yeah, she's definitely a daredevil!  Like her daddy.
If you need a reminder of what kind of daredevil my husband is, He's the one being thrown off the bridge.
And here's a still shot of it.  In the original post, I called him "My Superman".  He corrected me and told me, "not Superman", "Spiderman".  I told him Spiderman can't fly.  

And, speaking of Bridge Day, it's next weekend.  My husband has been every year since 2001, which was cancelled because of 9/11.  So, he's jumped every year since 2002.  And he's been part of the staff for the past several years.  

I hope everyone has a Wonderful Wordless or Wordy Wednesday!  Feel free to link up your word(less)(ish)(y) posts if you'd like! Since I got started so late, it will be open until Thursday night.

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