Compromising in Marriage | The Remodel

I've been talking a little bit about our remodel.  It's very exciting.  But, my husband and I don't always agree on everything.  When we did the remodel at our last house, we opened everything up to have an open floor plan.  I loved it!  I don't like being hidden away in the kitchen all by myself.  I spend a lot of time in my kitchen.  But, when he made the plans for this addition/remodel he made the kitchen separate from the rest of the house.  So, that was a big issue for us.   And, it made me pretty upset and anxious while he was drawing the plans.  I felt like my wants and needs weren't being taken into consideration,
because this house has always been his dream.  His reasoning for having it separate was that he didn't  want to hear anything going on in the kitchen if he was trying to watch TV.  I didn't want to be separated from the family while I was toiling away in the kitchen.  But, now that he has the outside shell of the addition up and he's got the "walls" spray-painted on the floor, it's really not going to be that bad.  I can live with it.
The next thing that we might possibly need to compromise on is the front room.  The room will be a huge room.  It will encompass what is now the living room, dining room and kitchen.  So, it will be one big square.  I think it should be divided up into two smaller spaces.  Maybe a TV viewing area and a conversation area.  And really, that's not what we're going to need to compromise on.  We'll figure that part out as we go.  Furniture can be arranged and rearranged.  I'm not sure it's a compromise between the two of us, so much as just making a decision that we'll be able to live with. 
We are divided on whether or not to put carpet in the front room.  I would be leaning toward hard wood flooring.  Or even a laminate.  But, we were looking at real hard wood at one point.  He wants carpet, because, if he wants to get down on the floor to watch TV, obviously carpet would be more comfortable.  And he and the kids wrestle a lot, which really wouldn't be comfortable on hardwood floors.  But, I want hard wood flooring because it's less allergenic and easier to clean than carpets.  It just freaks me out a little bit thinking about all of the stuff that can get caught in those carpet fibers over many, many years.  Plus, the kids have our current carpet ruined.  And I might lose my mind if we get brand new carpet and they ruin it.

The obvious compromise here would be to get the hardwood floors and use designer rugs in the TV area.  When we remodel, we'll be using the same colors as our last remodel, which was stainless steel, dark gray and natural maple.  Man, I miss that kitchen!

   The hard part with designer rugs ~~  coming up with something upon which my hubby and I can agree.  I tend to like more than he does.  I'm a little more flexible.  The one thing I do like about rugs is that you can change them a little more easily than carpet.  With rugs, if I get bored, I can change it a lot more easily than ripping up an entire room of carpet and changing it!  And I do get bored.  I've rearranged our living room at least 5 times since we've lived here.  And the funny part is that right now, with our limited space, it always ends up back in the original configuration.  I can't wait until I have more room!  

Then, the only issue will be compromising and/or agreeing with my hubby on all of the design decisions!!

Do you and your hubby have differing opinions on design issues in your home?

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