Funny Story about our First Family Portraits

Well, it's the time of year that the Greers go get their family portraits done.  We've been doing it since Logan was one year old.  I just can not and will not skip a year!  We always go to one of the department stores and they do a pretty good job and I can get each sheet for only $4.  We always need several, several sheets since we both come from "broken" homes.  So, that's twice as many in-laws for which to buy.

But, we had kind of a shaky start to our tradition.  Let us go back 6 years.  Shall we?

This was back before I knew better than try to make an afternoon appointment. . .

To begin, and this might get confusing right now, I bought a bottle of Red RIT dye to dye some of my clothes for our honeymoon.  Just follow along, you'll see where I'm going!  And, my husband and I had to share a computer/craft room since Logan was born, because, well, Logan couldn't sleep in our closet.  We had to give up having our "own" rooms.  

The room that our computers, extra clothes, crafts and everything else was in had two large closets.  Thank goodness.  For some reason, the handles weren't on the closet doors any more.  I can't remember why now.  But, my husband had to open the door from the bottom.  They were bi-fold doors.  We were in a hurry because our photo appointment was at 5:00 and he doesn't get home from work until 4:00 on most days.  He tried to open the closet door and the door hit him in the head.  When he finally slammed the door to the side to open it, it shook the closet and a bag fell out of the top of the closet and hit him.  In his frustration, he picked up the bag and threw it across the room.  Said bag hit the wall.  The bag contained that wonderful bottle of Red RIT dye.  The bottle burst and the dye splattered across the entire room.  The ENTIRE room.  

It looked like someone had been shot in there.  It wasn't pretty.  Since the bag made contact up in the corner of two of the walls, the dye had maximum exposure to the whole room.  We had just replaced the carpet in the room with a wonderful, white berber.  

Now, mind you, we're in a rush to try to get to the portrait studio.  So, we had to leave.  Luckily, none of the dye got on us or our clothes for the pictures. 

We were in the car on the way to the mall and my husband started giggling and said, "Dye!"  We both start laughing and we hear "Dye!"  from the back seat.  My one year old thought it was hilarious and kept repeating the word over and over again.  "Dye!  Dye!  Dye!".   We started laughing so hard, I'm surprised I didn't drive off the road.  And imagine if you will, when he's saying it, he's saying it in this deep, throaty voice.  He sounded like a character from a horror movie.  But, we were laughing, so he kept doing it!  

It helped get my hubby out of the sour mood that he was in and we ended up with great first family portraits.

Every time after that appointment, I learned to try to get the very first appointment on a Sunday morning.  And it's worked out beautifully ever since.  But, we'll always have that story.

And the carpet and the walls in that room?  I tried and tried and tried to get that red dye out of our brand new carpet.  We eventually had to replace it before we had to turn that room into Jaycee's room.  And I'm sure we painted the walls with some kind of special primer and re-painted.  

Here are some REALLY BAD pictures of our portraits.  I still don't even have the ones from last year in frames yet.  How bad is that?!?  And I still need to make our appointment for this year.  We were going to do it this weekend, but my hubby is working.  Maybe we'll go next Sunday! Oh, and this year. . . we're wearing Green.  So over all the red! 

This is the picture we took after the story above
Year #2--I was pregnant with Jaycee
Year #3--Jaycee was here and almost 1
Year #4
Year #5
Year #6
Do you guys have family portraits done each year?

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