How many places can you hide Brussels Sprouts--A song by my kids

I don't know how many of you have caught on to the fact that Logan has been sneaking lots of sweets lately.  And hiding his good-for-you food.  Yesterday, I tried to get the kids to eat Brussels Sprouts because I found a wrapper of a huge Malley's chocolate in their room and I wanted to make sure they balanced it with some veggies.  They used to like Brussels Sprouts and they'll usually try to do it to get their green magnet on their Today I Ate a Rainbow Chart.

Well, Jaycee stuffed one in her mouth and ended up throwing it up on her plate.  Blech!  Logan has done that before with broccoli.  Personally, I think it's all in their head.  

This morning while I was eating my toast, they were singing this song.  And it was about where they could hide Brussels Sprouts.  There were all kinds of places!  I thought about trying to write down all of the places they said for a blog post.  Then I thought, why do that when I can video them? 
Of course, it's a lot of pressure coming up with the words when your staring into a camera.  This video comes complete with messy hair, burping and inappropriate places.  The mom in me wanted to correct them at every turn.  But, I guess, sometimes you just have to let kids be kids.  Here they are singing their Brussels Sprouts song.

Hope you enjoyed!  Now, go hide. . . I mean, er. . . eat your Brussels Sprouts!

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