Isn't this the same Christmas list as last year?

I was talking the other day about how it's time to make our lists for Christmas.  And it really is time!  I feel like the season has kind of snuck up on me.  After Thanksgiving, we will really only have a month to get our stuff.  And although I've thought about it, I don't actually have any concrete plans set yet.  When I ask my kids what they want, it seems like it's the same stuff that they already have.  I kind of feel like maybe we shouldn't ask them what they want for Christmas, anyway. 
Then, they won't be disappointed if they don't get the exact thing they asked for!  The most important thing for us this year is creating a budget and sticking to it.  We went a little overboard the last two years.  But, our "old" budgets might not be practical any more.  Three years ago, I tried to say, "Let's only spend $40 each on the kids."   Now, as they're getting older, that $40 doesn't seem to buy much.  So, what is on my kids' lists?

  For Logan, he could never have enough building bricks.  We already have 3 of those long under-bed bins filled to the top.  But, ask him what he wants and he says, "LEGO"s.  Which of course is his generic term for any kind of building brick set.  Funny story about saying "LEGOs" . . . My hubby and the kids went to the LEGO store the other day.  He told me last night, that apparently,  the LEGO company does not like for multiple bricks to be called LEGOs.  The proper term is LEGO building bricks.  I think it's funny that someone in the store would have corrected them.   Okay, we've been told!  But still, that's what Logan wants and how he'll ask for them.  Here he is with one of his many sets from last year.
 For Jaycee, it seems like it's dolls.  She likes all types of dolls.  Baby dolls, Barbie dolls, big-girl dolls.  Two years ago, I decided I wanted to get her one of the 18 inch dolls for Christmas.  I think I ended up getting her one for Christmas and one for her birthday, which is 5 days after Christmas (bless her heart). 
 My whole point of getting one of the bigger ones was so that I could get a doll that looked like her.  You know how they have all of those 18 inch dolls that you can choose the hair, skin and eye colors?  Those are waaaay too expensive for a girl that still doesn't understand not to draw on everything.  Poor dolls.  So, I found her two less expensive ones from an online store.  It is so hard to find dolls with blond hair and hazel eyes.  It's even somewhat hard to find blond dolls with green eyes.  Most of them have blue eyes. I figure when she's older and knows how to take care of everything, I might get one of the more expensive ones so that we can get the exact hair color and eye color. . . but not yet.   And mommy would be buying that as much for herself, as for Jaycee anyway!  
She also has been asking for accessories to go with her baby dolls.  She loves all of the little beds, high chairs, strollers, carriers, anything to do with dolls.  The problem is that we don't have room for all of those doll accessories!  So, we might have to come up with something smaller for her.  Her dolls and accessories take up considerably more room than Logan's piles of building bricks.  I did buy some sewing patterns a couple years ago when I bought the dolls.  I could sew her dolls some more clothes and that wouldn't take up much room.  And she'd probably love that!  But, the hard part with that would be finding the time.  I would have to do it while she's at school or after she's in bed at night.  And that's my blogging time!  ;)

What's on your kids' lists for Christmas?  I'm sure there are so many kid "techy" things out there that kids ask for.  Thank goodness I don't really have to deal with that yet!

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