Kids Craft | LEGO Christmas Ornaments and Garlands

The Builder pointed out a LEGO Christmas ornament in either his LEGO magazine or a catalog from the store.  It was a clear ornament ball that had LEGO building bricks inside.  I'm sure it's meant as a gift.  But, I thought if we could find clear boxes, we could do the same thing and add LEGO building bricks to our tree!  Plus, I thought it would be fun for The Builder to have them on there.
We bought clear wedding favor boxes.  Square boxes probably would have been easier to put together!  Ours are hexagons.  We built the boxes, plopped the LEGO building bricks in and mommy tied a ribbon around it.  We put the hook under the bow and hung it on the tree!
For the garland, we simply snapped building bricks onto a long piece of ribbon.  
I would have loved to do an entire LEGO tree.  But, the kids wanted the traditional ornaments on there, too!  Once we have our remodel done, we'll do our big tree traditionally and our little tree with LEGO building bricks. The picture below is The Builder's short LEGO garland around the top of the tree.  He didn't realize he was supposed to use the whole ribbon.  That's okay.  It fits perfectly around the top!
Is your tree a mish-mash of stuff?  Or do you stick with a theme each year.  Or the same theme every year?

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