This small house is cramping my Entertaining style!

Well, most of you know that we are in the middle of an addition on our house.  We bought this house even though it was smaller than we wanted.  But, it had everything else we wanted.    So, thank goodness the addition has begun.

But, my hubby is planning on the addition not being done for another two years.  We've already been here two years.  And I'm starting to miss our big kitchen and the entertaining that we used to do in it.  Our old house, once we remodeled, was party central.
We had a 900 square foot kitchen.  We figured the kitchen was the heart of the home. . . might as well make it big enough to fit everyone!

So, if you do the math, it's been 2 years that we've been in the small house.  It will be two years until the addition is complete.  That's FOUR years that I'm missing my big parties. 

The two parties that I loved hosting the most were our Cinco de Mayo parties and our New Year's Eve parties.  At our last New Year's Party, we required that everyone wear novelty hats or something silly on their head.  And I didn't want them wearing your standard "New Year" hat, although I wouldn't have thrown anyone out for wearing a New Year's hat!  But, I wanted creative, funny-looking friends.  I ended up buying a pink wig.  If you've seen any of my Halloween pictures, you know how much I love wigs!  Almost everyone complied.  And we had a lot of fun.  Too much fun, I'm sure!
We always try to add some level of playful, silliness to our parties.  My hubby built an eight foot paper mache cactus for one of our Cinco de Mayo parties.  That cactus stayed in the corner of our living room for many years after that, until the remodel.
Then, we figured we either had to spray paint it stainless steel, or get rid of it.  A woman who does catering ended up taking it off our hands.

 We always try to go those extra little steps to add an extra level of fun.  When I decorated for my daughter's Pink Princess Tea party, I took down our normal pictures and decorations and made absolutely everything pink.  I changed the shower curtain and rug in the bathroom out to pink.  I put pink candles in our candle holders on the wall.  I used those removable pink flowered wall stickers everywhere. I dropped pink rose petals on the floor and strung white Christmas lights.  I covered everything in pink tulle.  I even changed the curtains out to white lace. I bought every pink drink and pink candy I could find.  I even sewed a Princess dress for myself.  And, this party was actually in our small house.  If you check out the one picture, you can see that we actually had the couches pushed all the way to the front window and the ottoman stacked on top of the couch!  It was the last large party we had and that was two years ago.
  I had lots of activities for the girls, like decorating novelty hats with princess stickers, 
 a princess tea party video and little pink china tea sets set out to play with.
I love hosting parties.  I love the little extras that make them special.  After my parties, there is always at least one person that tells me I should do it as a career.  I don't think that's going to happen, but it could maybe help me get my "fix" while I still don't have room in my own house!
Do you love entertaining?  Or would you rather leave it up to your friends and just enjoy going to parties at someone else's house?

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